View all the entries from a particular account (e.g. Salaries) over period of time

I make logs into the the Bank Account section of the software as we pay out salaries. Now I want to check the total amount we have spent on salaries since the beginning of this year (2015).

Is it possible to view all the entries from a particular account (e.g. Salaries) over a space of time? And how do I do this please?


If you are using the Payslips module, you will see 3 reports under Reports tab that you can create for this purpose.

If you want to see any income or expense account’s transactions over some period, use the Set Period button on the Summary page first, then click on the account balance for the account you want to see. You can export the listing to a spreadsheet. Be sure to reset the period to whatever you had before when finished.

Thanks @Tut. My bad though. I have been directly deducting salaries from the Bank Account, instead of using Payslips. I believe I created a new Expense Account called ‘Salaries’ and I have been logging every salary payment under it…

You can do that, if you like, but the job of keeping track of deductions, tax withholding, contributions to benefit plans, or any other aspect of payroll is much harder. The payroll functions in Manager also allow you to keep records for individual employees instead of as a single group.

Thanks! I found it! I just have to create a report on it. I’m grateful @Tut. Owe you a beer :wink: