VAT Registers Partitioning

@lubos Here in Italy, we can have different VAT registers, one for each kind of activity. For example if I have, with the same real estate company, an activity of trading, one of rent and one of refurbishment and sales I can have three different register.

So when I choose for example VAT 22% I need to have a second dropdown menu from which I can choose to which register allocate VAT 22%. And also in the reporting I need to have the possibility to choose for which register have the report.

You could do this by creating custom tax codes. Although they might all be 22%, you could add short identifiers to indicate which register they belong to. They will be listed separately in reports.

It can be a solution and that’s what I’m doing right now.Inn Italy we have 20 typology of VAT. If I have 4 registers I would need to create 80 lines

I wonder why no other Italian user has ever mentioned this.

Here is an example of how is managed by Microsoft

Having multiple tax codes is the solution. Also, I know having 80 tax codes is extreme but there won’t be a business that is using all of them. How many you will use? You said 3, right?