VAT problem

Hi, we are facing a problem with Tax Payable in the Balance Sheet. Instead of loading the VAT of the invoices in this account the system puts them in “suspense”. Why?

I’ve solved creating a custom account

Is this a bug though? Custom account shouldn’t be a solution if tax is being posted to Suspense account.

@lubos I think so. It’s not the most updated version of Manager but I don’t have access to the server. It’s the only solution that I sort out right now. I will disable it if unnecessary after an upgrade.

You will not be able to disable an account once it has been used. You would have to delete every transaction in it, and before you could do that, you would have to delete transactions that reference those. So solving temporary problems with new accounts is generally not a good idea.

@Tut So I will keep it.

No, you could just edit each transaction so that it points to a different valid account, then the account could be deleted (disabled).