VAT past month entry not accepting

Hello there,

We are planning to use cloud version of Manager. However, we are facing problem in entering past sales invoice.

Issue is:

#1. In previous month dated invoice VAT is not reflecting in Tax Summery Report.

For example,

Invoice No. 123 created on date 30/03/2018 is not reflecting VAT 5%
but if we enter date 01/04/2018 (this is current month) on the same invoice it is reflecting in TAX Summery.

Please advise how to enter past month invoice with VAT reflection.

have you set the period of your report correctly to include the date of your sales invoice?


Yes I did it

I can share you login details if you provide PMS

you do not have to share login details.

please post screenshots of your sales invoice edit screen, the tax summary entry screen and the report itself. you can hide unnecessary information on your screenshots.

If you are just starting with Manager and you have entered a Start Date of Apr 1 and you are entering that invoice #123 as Mar 30 because the Customer has a opening balance as at Apr 1 then any VAT tax won’t be reflected in the Tax Summary as the Tax Summary is only applicable from Apr 1.

Any VAT related to that Mar 30 invoice, should be entered as part of the Starting Balance for the Tax Payable account.

Thanks for the update.