Vat information on sales invoice

The totals row is based on a calculation made when rendering the theme and is not part of existing data but part of the theme.

@MarV, your screen shots in post #38 don’t make sense. Are you saying these were both produced from the same version of the program? If you copied the code for the Plain theme and made no changes, you would obtain the same result because you would be using the same code.

I actually wanted to report similar and unfortunately this is not the case in the Server Edition (Ubuntu 20.0.4). I was surprised about it and only managed to fix it by first creating backups for each business, then removing each business and then reimporting them.

If I understand what you are saying, @eko, your problem resolved without any action related to themes. That does not point to a theme problem. That suggests a possible error in the database conversion script that would have been part of the updated version.

@Tut It doesn’t make sense I would agree. But indeed I just made a copy of Plain theme and use it. No modifications, nothing. Again, I have to ask you, have you tried?
Here is my edit screen part regarding themes and new layout

I was finally able to reproduce the issue with the column totals row and investigate when it happens. I will submit a standalone bug report, because this discussion has been too convoluted to understand easily.

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@lubos just an reminder of this, to include it for Translation.

Also the Label of the Price column that appears on invoices, when there is Discount (see image)