VAT Calculation Sheet - Report Transformation

I want to include in the second box of the VAT Report Transformation a tax code I created for EU purchases and sales - VAT 0% EU, but Tax on Purchases - VAT0%(EU) is not one of the options that I can include nor is there a Tax on Sales - VAT 0%(EU) option.

I did create a tax code VAT 23% EU and these are available. Also there is Total Sales and Total Purchases VAT 0% EU options on the available list.

Why are they not available options?

So have you created your own report transformation?

What country is this for?

Have you looked at the localisation for other European countries such a Nederland and United Kingdom (past tax scheme)

Tax on 0% tax code I assume is a calculated value as it is not actually paid to anyone? I don’t think that’s possible with the current implementation.

I assume you are adding reverse change tax code for a localisation for Ireland Report Transformation for Reverse Charge

I am using the standard VAT report.
The tax code VAT 0% EU is not a reverse charge code.
All I want is the VAT 0% EU to be an option on the UK vat calculation report for Tax on Sales at 0% EU and Tax on Purchases at 0% EU. It was before as I did not have this problem before.

@mpb, if you are using the standard report, why are you asking questions about report transformations? You do not need to create any of your own tax codes or modify the transformation as long as you have properly imported the localization and are using the tax codes that came along with it.

Also understand that the standard report will not work with tax codes you have defined yourself, even if they have the same name as ones included with the imported localization. That is because they have different UUIDs. Built-in reports and transformations work only with tax codes defined in the program. The report does not know about your custom tax codes.

Thanks Tut. I’ll look into the localisations.

Be sure to read the Guide.

I have re-imported the UK VAT Calculation Worksheet and when I do the report there is no box on line 2.
Previously there would have been a box with 0 in it.

Has there been any progress with correcting the UK VAT Calculation Sheet for box #import-settings2
I am sure other users must be having the same issue.
I am using the cloud version 21.7.13.

Yes - follow the discussion here. UK Vat Return has lost MTD export option

@mpb would you be able to improve the report? There is no coding involved.

Go to then follow the instructions to import master UK business template.

You can make necessary changes such as creating new tax codes if necessary and then making them to be used on Report Transformation under Settings tab.

Once it’s working as desired, you can submit the master UK business template back to Github.

Hi lubos.
I am not an expert on UK VAT so would be uncomfortable in changing a form that others may use without understanding fully the basis for the form the entries, particularly box number 2 since brexit.

I am still confused why there is not an option for box 2 to select Tax on Purchases - VAT 0% (EU)…

Also, I notice that the balance sheet includes a new account - Tax payable, which when combined with VAT payable gives the same as the VAT payable on previous balance sheet reports. Is there a reason for splitting the old VAT payable account.