Various issues

Manager is an excellent solution, however are some of the points, which we came across while implementing Manager, kindly take a look and advice:

  1. Multiple unit of measure management with their conversion rate.

  2. Partial payment to vendor allocating invoices

  3. Partial Payment received from customer and allocating to invoices.

  4. Possibility of making any field mandatory

  5. Possibility of defining the custom field on detail level of transactions (like in invoice/delivery note what all items we select there also we should be able to define customer field.

  6. Automatic calculation of depreciation based on rate or useful life.

  7. Processing of payroll (multiple same time) to save time.

Kindly provide logical answer as critical for our clients.



You need to explain further what you mean. Manager does not “manage” units of measure. You can set the unit name for inventory items. But there are no conversion rates involved. Read this Guide: Manager Cloud.

Read this Guide: Manager Cloud.

Read this Guide: Manager Cloud.

Customer and supplier fields are mandatory where necessary for identifying correct subsidiary ledgers, such as on sales and purchase invoices. No other fields are mandatory, in order to allow users flexibility for their needs. You cannot make any other fields mandatory.

You can define any custom field you want for forms. On many forms you can define them at the line item level. Once defined, you can enter anything you want in them. Read this Guide: Manager Cloud.

Not available. There are too many possible depreciation methods and schedules in use.

Not yet. This has been on the Ideas list for a while.

There is under Settings > Recurring Payslips, which maybe applicable.

@danowagroup, the recurring payslip feature may address your clients’ needs. Understand, however, that it is not batch processing of payments. It will just help you create repeating payslips for employees. The business would create a recurring payslip for every employee. The payslips then create liabilities in the Employee clearing account. You still need to enter payments separately.

Only if you are making individual payments instead of a batch payment at the bank.

Thank you all, will look into and get back!