Variant exchanges rates at the same day

By filling 3 services income for the same day, I noticed the exchange rate was different for each transaction, even if it was within the same day, with the same source and destination currencies.
See attachment. Is that normal ? Am I missing something ?

It’s possible to override exchange rate on transaction level but only in certain contexts (it doesn’t always make sense to do so).

There is a guide for it: Guides | Manager

But I’m preparing new set of guides as I realized some of them are not very well explained.

Regarding this particular case, you can’t change exchange rate on transactional level here because it wouldn’t make much sense. Why do you feel you need to adjust exchange rate here?

The exchange rate, for the same day is 1CHF= 8,71080, the next line 1CHF = 8,71067, the next line 1CHF = 8,71079.
It should be always the same right ? not having different exchange rates for the same day ?

Ah, that’s what you mean… my bad. Don’t worry about that. It’s due to rounding. I will fix it in one of the future versions so the exchange rates are consistent.

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How to include the exchange rate field on thedisplay?