Using Manager on an external hard drive

I have Manager loaded onto an external hard drive which I originally did to save space on my Macbook Air. Unfortunately, I forgot about this as I don’t use the macbook that much but today I tried to load the latest version directly onto the machine as I don’t have the external drive with me. I got a whole list of error messages which were totally beyond my understanding so I deleted the program icon from the machine and tried again. I still got the same thing, a long list of error messages. If the computer is expecting to see the external drive all the time, how do I override this so I can put Manager on the local disk?

Any ideas? Thanks.

Upgrade to the latest version (15.0.76) and try again. Instead of error message, you should see instructions how to reset Manager so it looks for data in default application data folder.

Hi Lubos, I downloaded the latest version tonight and tried to install it on the Mac. I got the same list of errors as before. I have a screenshot I can send you if it helps to narrow this down. Thanks for your help.

OK, you can send the screenshot to if you don’t want to post it on forum.

Hi Lubos, just sent the file over. Thanks.

OK, try the latest version again (15.0.77)

Hi Lubos, downloaded the file as instructed and got a message as follows: “Access to Volumes/Drive Name/Business Name is denied” …delete a file “data” from “Users/My Name/.local/share/Manager” but the file does not appear to be on my drive anywhere despite going back to the root and doing the search. When I add the “.local” part to the string Finder shows nothing.Any ideas? Thanks for your help so far.

Well, you need to navigate to the folder Users/My Name/.local/share/Manager and delete a file called data in it.

.local and share folders might be hidden, that’s why nothing is visible under .local but I assure you it’s there.

Woohoo!!! Lubos, you’re a genius! Thank you so much and apologies for being a dummy!! Took a bit of finding as I’m fairly new to using a Mac but I found the file and now have a nice shiny new install of Manager on my Macbook Air. Brilliant!