Using account numbers and code

I am a new user. I would like to use the code to separate departments. But I also need to use a GL account number. I don’t see a field for that.

Search for adding pre-fixes on the forum. You will notice that Manager does not allow such but you could use a custom field if needed.

Have you read the Guides about creating accounts, building a chart of accounts, and divisions?

Yes I did. I need the code field for department assignments and the account number for reference. However due to the fact there is no check printing option for AP I am unable to use this software. But thank you for your reponse

@EllenE, it isn’t clear where you want to use codes for assignments. But codes are meant to be identifiers, such as employee numbers, customer identities, or inventory item stock numbers. They don’t change. Assignments should use divisions or projects.

Tut-I appreciate the response. However, I have vendors that still request paper checks. Since you don’t have check printing as an option I won’t be able to use the software.
Again thank you for the response.