User log for better control

Dear All,

I think manager application should have a option about voucher wise log. Suppose one payment voucher created by a user of USD 100, Next day he edited and make it USD 90, another day he changed the voucher no and at last another user deleted the voucher. If the manager wants to know the history of that voucher all above flow should be available as a log.

For those who replies quickly without understanding the Fact…

  • I know Currently 03 days log are there. But this requirements should have for long until the software exits.
  • Now in existing procedure its showing in only Admin login.
  • Its showing a consolidation report not individual company wise.
  • It cant be assign to any particulars employee who can take care about that log.
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There is already two ideas to enhance Managers Audit facility. To further clarity what you need, would you mind listing how your requirement is different to these.


Or are you needing a specific record of vouchers issued.