User in form

hi everyone

I have 2 user account administrator and charlie. charlie i set as restricted user in my business.

is there a way to make charlie appear a sales quote, invoice, purchase etc. i want charlie name appear in every form.

if i have 5 user in this bussines how to classified them…

Create custom fields with dropdown lists for those transaction forms where you want them. Enter your users’ names in the list. See If the field labels are identical, the name will carry over if the form is copied to another type.


that mean is not automatically right? what i want if charlie make a transaction charlie name appears below issue date like “issued by” sync with whoever login

anyway if this not automatic how to solve this

i want there a space between Your Faithfully and my name for sign

You can put a


in the text before the name or edit the theme. The first solution is very easy.

would you mind to show me one of your sales order, sales invoice, purchace order. just for example

Create the custom field dropdown list like this:


The finished transaction will look like this:


Multiple <br> tags will create more space. See also

thanks Tut… it really helped…