User Alert Multi User Access

Due to I changed old laptop (Window 7) to new laptop (Window 10), I have already read your topic (how to transfer data to new computer). I don’t know, I misunderstand or I did wrong way or not.

I installed Manager to my new laptop
I go to my user/Appdata/local >> Copy all file to usb
Uninstall Manager (my laptop)
I go to my new laptop same directory>>Copy all files to folder (replace 0000000 and size too) and open.

I can see my data, but user tab show “Multi-user access is not available in desktop edition”.
And have pop-up (can’t screen copy; message gone, don’t know how to find), but as I read, the sqxx (something) said the user or system lock (I can’t remember).

Help me please.
Thank you.

It would have been better if you made a backup file to the USB drive while on the old machine. Then, you should have used the Add Business button on the new installation to import the business from the USB drive. You did not need to copy all the files in the application data folder.

However, as long as your business is visible on the Businesses page and all your data is up to date, things should be all right.

There is a strong chance that you now have unnecessary files in your application data folder on the new machine. Read this Guide to learn how to get rid of them: But you do not need to take any action. The unnecessary files are harmless and do not take up much memory.

As for the message you see when you click on Users in the top menu bar, that is normal. The desktop edition does not allow multiple users.

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Dear Tut,

Thank you for reply me ^^. I do it again.
Go back to my old computer and install manager (data still save in appdata folder) and click to my business and back up (TOP Corner right).

Uninstall program (New laptop) and install again and import again (as you recommend).
May I ask advise;

  1. Please kindly see pictures for user tap --> Is it normal? Due to now my old laptop also show this message.

  1. Must I uninstall program from my old laptop? Now, on process of moving all data and I will not use old laptop anymore.
  2. I observe that my old laptop have 3 files (in Appdata folders, everytime that I save one time, the program will generate one new updated file, right? --> Due to I import only lastest update file (1 file), is it correct?

Remarks: I’m only very SMEs. Thank you your company to have free version for desktop, I’m also honestly to use only one single user/computer. I’m also see your cloud version, if my company still going on and survive, I will upgrade my version.

Thanks a lot.


No. But you can if you want. It will have no effect on your data on the new machine.

I am not sure I understand your question. The application data folder should have at least four files, and it might have five, depending on the actions you have taken. Additionally, there could be other relic files if you have used the program and updated the version during a software upgrade that involved database restructuring.

Of these files, one will definitely show a new date/time for last modification if you make any entry. The size file will also be modified if you change the window dimensions. The file with all zeroes in its name will be modified if you add, remove, or import a business.

On your new machine, based on what you wrote, there could be only three files. But there could also be more.

The only files that matter are the ones on your new machine. If you have all your current data in the business there, you can delete the entire application data folder on your old machine.

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umm, I don’t think Multi user access available in Desktop edition ever, it’s only available for cloud and server edition.

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Good Morning!!

I can’t remember “User Tab” screen, so when I transfer my file, I misunderstand that I did something wrong or not. I fear I cannot use the data (very terrible, if I must input all data again).

+++Anyway, if it normal.
Thank You your answer, it is very clear.
I more understand Appdata file folder details.

–> Finally, I’m very love your software, and if it can customize topic, drag and drop for REPORT at PAID version. It will be more wonderful (Just 1 voice to feedback for you, don’t know, it will be have benefit to you or not).

For me, Desktop version is very good.
Thank You, You and your team for this program a lot. It is very helpful for my SMEs like me. ^^

Don’t distube you anymore. Bye.

It is not my software. I am a forum moderator, not the developer.

The paid server and cloud editions are exactly like the desktop edition, except they allow multiple users simultaneously. They do not have different customization options or reports.