Use of NumPadDot in Windows

Using the NumPad in Windows will give many of you users a dot when pressing the NumPad dot while entering figures with decimals using Manager.

When entering figures in Manager it would be nice if the dot was replaced by a comma, so you don’t have to “leave” the NumPad on your keyboard.

You can replace the NumPad-dot by a comma, by using AutoHotkey. (So this is only for Windows-users).

  1. install AutoHotkey

  2. and open notepad and copy


  1. save the file and use the extension .ahk

  2. In order to reverse from comma to dot:

  3. open notepad and copy


  1. save the file and use the extension .ahk

Use the files by right-clicking the file, and left-click [run script].

Send me a private message if you need assistance.
I can then give you a link so you could download the executables (.exe) files.