Use manual created folders

I have created a manual folder and want to copy cancelled invoices into this folder.
However in the dropdown menu is this folder NOT visible.
How can I make this folder visible in the dropdown menu’s?

I hope you can give me the answer.

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Are you referring to a folder in the Folders tab of Manager, or a folder in your operating system’s file management scheme?

Invoices are never cancelled. They remain in the database because all past transactions contribute to your present financial position. Further, an invoice is not a document that can be moved around. It consists of entries in a database.

What dropdown menu are you referring to?

When the invoice has been payed you use the dropdown box to select a bank or cash transaction to get the money pasted in the books. Why is there option in the same menu to cancel this invoice (example: client did not pay the money)

I assume you mean, “Why is there not an option…”

You do not cancel a sales invoice because the customer does not pay. You still earned the money, and the customer still owes you. Instead, you use a journal entry to write off the amount in Accounts receivable to a bad debts expense account (which you must create first, if you don’t already have one).

In the journal entry, debit Bad debts for the amount of the invoice and credit Accounts receivable => Customer => Invoice.