Update mforum

please tell me how to update my MFORUM

Excuse my ignorance - what is MFORUM?

Sorry how do i update to the latest manager forum

Not sure what you mean - the forum is always up to date. If you mean you are not seeing the latest question/answer try clicking on the menu image

and then select “Latest” in the menu or reloading the forum

My invoice say invoice and not tax invoice. I can not find the icon saying south africa 15% vat

Select tax codes as described here: Manager Cloud. Any version after 18.1.86 includes the South African 15% VAT code.

To update, just download and install the new software exactly as you did the earlier version. Do not uninstall anything first.

Good day.
I do not know how to update to better version as i see i still have 16.2 . the lady that install the last version does not work here and i have no idee how to install the new version or the latest version. please could you help me

Download for your operating system here: Download | Manager. Do not uninstall anything first. Just install the new download as you would any other program.