Update Deleted Info/Auto Backup

Hi there, I was recently trying to fix my email issue with emailing invoices directly from Manager. Long story short, I updated to newest software and was happy it fixed the issue. Everything was perfect! However, the next day I logged in and my business name was changed to some random jibberish #'s and letters. It looks like the Manager program automatically deleted all of my saved invoices and auto wrote over everything and backed it up to 1.5 years ago. I am now missing all of everything I have put into manager since the backup. Why did the program decide to do this and is there anyway for me to fix this? I cannot backup my mac via Time Machine as it also failed when my Mac software was updated. All these programs should be left alone, updates cause for issues than they fix.

The software definitely doesn’t have any code to damage your data.

What you should do, go to About Manager which shows where Manager stores its data. And post screenshot what do you see in that folder.

Here is the random business that replaced mine.

This is version 14.5. This version is more than 2 years old. Get the latest version which is 16.11 from https://www.manager.io

Do I need to uninstall to update? It was giving me issues last time I was trying.

@GoSkate55 No just download the latest version, close manager.io on your computer and run the installation. you do not need to uninstall anything.
And don’t forget to back up before you do anything.

Follow the instructions in this Guide:

I also have a “delete” issue in an update I did Manager “dumped” my bank details…its not huge but I can’t figure which setting I should place them in now…is it meant to be “notes”?

If you mean business identifier information, you still enter that in Settings => Business Details. There were some versions that didn’t show that information, but that’s been fixed. It will be displayed right below the business address. So update again and you should be OK.

By the way, you can always get around problems like that by putting the info in the address block. The Business Identifier block itself is really unnecessary except that it guides input.