Unable to generate Drivers Liabilities _ Version 21.6.36

Kindly confirm as to whether this is a bug or not. I pay my driver mileage allowances using payslips by generating a mileage allowance liability in the BS. I did this by creating a control account under employees and all drivers under the employees tab are linked to this control account. please note that this is separate from salaries as salary carry a default control account . However when I create a payslip for any of my drivers, I seem not to get the Liability generating in the BS as expected. I call this Mileage control in the BS. Please help

Your actions are not completely clear. But it sounds like you assigned all employees to the Mileage control account. If so, their payslips will be reported there, not under Employee clearing account as usual. For better answers, you need to show the Edit screens for:

  • A typical employee
  • The Mileage control account
  • The payslip earnings item you created for mileage

But it is not clear why you did this in the first place. You could have just created a payslip earnings item for mileage. Then, in addition to salary, a payslip could have the mileage allowance as a separate item. All could be posted to Employee clearing account.