Two locations what should i enter

Not been a bookkeeper this is a bit high for me.
I am buying From the supplier Auto Style the product Solenoid with part number HSO009.
I make a Purchase order and click create.
Now I go to Spend money. Here I am asked the Location. Do I enter Auto Style or the part number HSO009 from the Inventory Location
I then click Create.
Now I copy to New Goods Receipt.
Here I am also asked again for Location. I think I should enter the part number HSO009 also from the Inventory Location. Am I correct.
The Location at Spend Money I am totally unsure.

You need to spend some time reading the Guides.

A purchase order is not a financial transaction. It is a convenience that allows you to place an order with a supplier and easily convert it later to a purchase invoice. The purchase invoice is what records your actual acquisition of inventory.

You have missed the purchase invoice. Read about them.

You have asked about inventory locations before and been answered. Inventory locations are used only if you have different geographical locations for inventory, such as two warehouses or a warehouse and a retail store.

Neither one. Auto Style is a supplier. HSO009 is an item code.

No. You might not need goods receipts at all unless it is important to track inventory enroute. Read the Guide about them.

You should experiment with a test company. Read the Guide about that. Start without any inventory locations and without goods receipts. Create just a few inventory items and practice entering transactions so you understand what happens. Add complexity only if you must for your situation.