Trying to export on my Mac Pro

Hi! I have a Mac pro and I am trying to export. When I hit the button it comes up to the gray screen but does nothing more. What am I missing? I really want to make sure I am backing up my information so what’s the best way to do that as well?

If you are trying to export data from particular modules, after you hit export you should be seeing the data which needs to be copied and pasted to an excel file. Manager will not automatically create an excel or pdf file.

you can create a backup of your business by selecting the Backup button available at the top right corner. It will ask for a location and file name which is your choice. If you have multiple business setup, you should make backup of every business separately.

Read the Guide:

Thank you for answering so quickly! I understand now, I was thinking there would be an actual file that would appear in an email form. You saved me! One more question, if my files are being backed up to the ICloud, is that good enough?

you can backup anywhere you feel your data will not be lost. in case you need to restore your business, just import the backup file back to Manager.

Understand that there is a difference between an application folder residing on iCloud and a data file being backed up to iCloud. You can run your program from iCloud, and may convince yourself that Apple will always protect your data against loss. Certainly iCloud will do a better job of that than just keeping your data on your own machine. But a backup file is a specific snapshot of the entire business’ data file at a moment in time and can be kept elsewhere, transferred, etc.

Those who have experienced data loss in the past will probably be more conservative than those who have not. They would probably want a backup somewhere besides the main repository, no matter how dependable it is.

The application folder always remains on the local computer but within a cloud service local folder (Dropbox, OneDrive, Apple etc) which then duplicates any data within that cloud service folder to an external cloud storage. This is why you don’t need to be online to use the Desktop Edition

Actually, you can move the application data folder to a remote drive and run the program from there. Performance suffers. Not all cloud services function the same way. Some only duplicate content in a designated local folder or folders. Others actually behave like network drives.

Thank you, I just got an external hard drive. I’m a proactive person and don’t want to worry about losing important information. I really appreciate everyone’s help!

That’s pretty cheap insurance these days, considering the headaches of losing all your accounting data. Just be sure you don’t always switch on the backup drive every time the computer is on, or you risk wearing it out at about the same time. If it’s solid state, that’s less of a worry, but all electronics can fail. :smiling_imp: