Transferring TAS Books closing balances to Manager

Complete Luddite as an Accountant. My bookkeeper resigned suddenly and I’m left holding the baby.
Having read up on accounting (simple) I have some grasp of the principles and acronyms but stumped on how to transfer closing balances from TAS Books.
FWIW, Sage/TAS now want over £1100/year for support and MTD addon. Also Sage are ceasing to support TAS Books in the near future. Since I as a sole trader only issue 500 sales invoices and receive 900 purchase invoices a year, £1100 is stupid money.
So would welcome hand holding how to transfer 2018 year end balances over to Manager.
As an example from YE Trial Balances:
Acc Dept Description Group Period Debit Period Credit YTD Debit YTD Credit
1000 100 F&F NBV B/F FIX ASSET 2,077.72 2,077.72
1003 100 F&F YEARS DEPN FIX ASSET 207.72 207.72
1010 100 EQUIP NBV B/F FIX ASSET 991.73 991.73
1013 100 EQUIP.YEARS DEPN FIX ASSET 99.12 99.12
1020 100 VEHICLE:NBV B/F FIX ASSET 4,381.51 4,381.51
1021 100 VEHICLE ADDITIONS FIX ASSET 200.00 200.00
1023 100 VEHICLE:YEARS DEPN FIX ASSET 438.12 438.12
None of these descriptions seem to fit into Manager so I’m totally lost.

If someone can help I’m more than happy to consider more than simple gratitude.

the first go to place would be the guides.
everything is explained clearly with examples.

for a start read the below guide if you are migrating from another accounting software.

@Fopetesl, please know that offering compensation to forum members violates our rules. See All help on the forum is free.

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sharpdrivetek, sorry I should learn to read!
Reading guide 15718 I had missed the “Customise” instruction.
However I have tried a few times to add “Fixed Assets” but it doesn’t show in “Starting Balances”.
(Yes I did update).
Is it because I have the wrong version. i.e. desktop not cloud?

Have you created the fixed assets first? You cannot migrate them until you do. Read

That’s what I did, ticked the Fixed Assets box and update(d) it.
It’s still ticked but doesn’t show up in Starting Balances.
I (re)checked the date is still 1/1/2019 also

That isn’t what I asked. I asked whether you have created the assets themselves. Read the Guide.

Yes, I followed your instructions but Fixed Assets in the left hand column are greyed out so I cannot add any Fixed Assets.
Ah, no, sorry. If I (re)Apply then the greyed out links turn blue and I can add items.
Thanks for your patience.

Thanks. Now to worry about Current Assets :sweat_smile:

A bit more advice if you can. Current Assets, i.e. goods or services which are expected to be sold over the next year.
Not the same as Intangible Assets. Not the same as Fixed Assets.
So how to transfer from TAS Books and allocate in Manager?

What you describe as “current assets” is inventory, although inventory does not include services. Services that will be sold in the future are nothing from an accounting perspective. For a summary about inventory features in Manager, read the three-part Guide series that begins here:

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From guide/1111 leads to guide/7551 to create inventory item.
So I generate STOCK at Purchase Price of £5,000 but it shows as 0 quantity on Inventory Items and is not editable (by clicking the blue 0 quantity) so is zero value so does not show on Balance Sheet.

what do you mean by generate stock? where?
if you are trying to enter the inventory starting balances, this is done under Settings and not in the Inventory Items tab. there is a guide on starting balances. please read it.

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@Fopetesl, inventory carried over from a previous accounting system is entered according to this Guide: All other inventory is entered by recording purchase invoices or payments. In other words, inventory is added by buying it. The only exception is for inventory write-ons, such as when you verify quantities with a physical count. Then, use a journal entry. See

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@Tut Beginning to make sense. At last!
On my Y/E Balances I have bank current account and deposit accounts down as CURRENT ASSETS.
Surely these cannot be Inventory Items?

No, they are not. They are bank accounts. See

You really should search the Guides before posting new questions. So far, all of your have been about things that are covered there.

Point is that the bank accounts are listed as Current Assets on YE balances and they will not be shown as such on any Trial Balance, i.e. as Inventory items.
I’ll follow your advice and see what result I get.

You can categorize your bank accounts as current assets if you want. That is a only a matter of adding Current Assets as a subgroup under Assets in your chart of accounts and reassigning Cash at bank to the new subgroup. See

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@Tut in fear of becoming tedious. I have created Current Assets as a subgroup under Assets and added Bank Deposit A/C and edited Cash at bank to display Bank Current A/C.
The guide AFAIK doesn’t help me enter starting figures.
The new accounts don’t show in Starting Balances though they do in Summary.
Where I expect to enter values by clicking the blue figure in Summary all I get is a greyed out Empty screen.

It appears that you have not created the bank and cash accounts correctly.

You have to create them using the Bank Account and Cash Account tab

Please show some screen images of your business so that you can get some more precise help
I don’t understand what you mean when you say you “added Bank Deposit A/C” - can you show the edit screens you use to do this.

If you follow the guides the process is quite simple