Transfer Qty & Unit price from Receipts & Payments to Sales Invoices

(Stand alone - version 19.11.87)

Can i automagically transfer Qty & Unit price from Receipts & Payments to Sales Invoices?

On the invoice i currently get the Description and the total prize from the Receipts & Payments.
However Qty / item price is blank. - So by default a customer can’t see how many items i actual included in the invoice.

I’m aware that i can correct / fill those in before finalizing the invoice. but it’s error prone.

I think not, to have the Qty & Unit on both the Sales Invoice and the Receipts & Payment would mean that you are selling the same item twice as each Qty & Unit transaction is a separate sale.

Sorry - I don’t understand what you mean - Perhaps i missed out some information.

In the Receipts & Payments i use Billable expenses and a customer to pay for it. (in this situation 4 items)
This procedure is described in the manual.

But i think the Qty & Unit price should be past on to the invoice.
Currently the total price of all 4 items is issued onto the invoice.

@Markro, update your software. Several changes to the way Billable Expenses work were made since your version. The Guides will not make sense with your version of the program. Read about the new processes in these Guides:

As for your issue with quantities and prices, @Brucanna was on the right track, but you made it impossible to answer completely, because your initial post did not mention Billable Expenses. When you post a purchase to the Billable expenses account for a customer, you are not buying it for your use or inventory. Instead, you are purchasing it for your customer. The only place it initially appears is in the Billable expenses asset account. When you invoice the billable expense, you are not transferring quantities and prices to Accounts receivable, but only the amount. So all description of the amount must go into the Description field. This is what prevents you from invoicing the customer for items from your own inventory or other things you own.

Your question, however, revealed a bug with multi-line payments posted to Billable expenses. I will write a separate bug report about that.