Transfer between accounts & investment

Why in the new update manager creats the new investment account with transfer between accounts and currency exchange figuers.
This is not an investment

You really should be much clearer. I have no clue what you are reporting here. What is it exactly that you see or do not expect to see. Ideally provide screenshots. As far as I can see the Investment module works with sone improvement areas as explained recently by @Lubos.

I have 2 inter account transfers transactions with 200$ and 1200$ from bank and cash accounts to bank account with exchange to LE currency.
After the new update, manager automaticcaly created investment account under expenses tab and put the same figures of the 2 up mentioned transactions which is not any investment in my company and i dont want to consider this transfer as investment.

I attached screenshot with the 2 transactions but without the investment new account as i downgraded the update to older version.

I suspect that is not part of the new “Investment” Manager functionality Investments unexpected behaviour - #6 by lubos
but rather Manager new inter account transfer functionality Added ability to merge receipts and payments into inter account transfers

Could you please check this screenshot and explain for me why that

Have you had the investment tab for this business opened in the past?
Please show the edit screen for this transaction

No i did open the investment tab on summary after i updated the manager and found this problem so i opened the investment tab to try solve the issue but it didnt work.
No i removed again the investment tab

Here is screen for the transfer transaction as per your request

That looks like the accounting for a foreign currency transaction. Which I don’t use so can’t help you further.

Thank you but how can i report this issue to manager team, i need to solve this issue so i can use the new versions in the future

My guess is Manager new foreign currency transaction is working as designed.

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You did it correctly here in the forum. However, as @Patch indicated:

So there is no issue to work on. You need to familiarize yourself (search forum, recent posts give lots of information)

My dear i have an issue with the new update
The new update opened new accounts for investments and added a inter transactions figuers to these invetments accounts so dont tell me its working good.
There is big issue in the new update and i have attached the screens from the manager

Your guess is right but the new update is not working right am not saying the forigen currency is not working
Am reporting that the new update related to the new accounts for investment is not working right way and why showing inter transfer transactions in investment.

It did not. You already indicated that you enabled the investments tab in customize. In any case you reported it here so if there is an issue the Developer will pick it up.

@Karamantes Your Manger business captures transactions in more than one currency.

  • When you buy foreign currency you are making an investment in that currency.
  • When you subsequently sell that currency at a different exchange rate your business will realise a profit or loss on the currency investment depending on the relative buy vs sell price.
  • Manager calculates and records this profit / loss for you.

The above is probably most easily demonstrated in a test business.

There is more than the direct way to buy or sell foreign currency. Accepting or paying for goods or services in a foreign currency also involves a currency transaction at a particular exchange rate. Again a test business is probably the best way of exploring how Manger now works.