Tracking of subsidaries

I am tracking a business with a subsidiary (“dba” or “fictitious name”) which has its own name, logo, and phone number.

So far, I’m using tracking codes to allocate various income and expenses. For printed items, it happens that one portion currently needs to print only invoices. Therefore, I created a custom invoice for it with a hard-coded business name and phone number and a base64 image for the logo. This works ok, although as noted elsewhere, I lose much of the invoice intelligence by using an HTML template. Also, it won’t help in the future if I need to print more than invoices for both parts of the business.

Ideally, I would like to be able to choose business info/logo based on the tracking code, or even some way for a Manager business to contain a sub-business that is a separate company but gets combined into the books of the parent company.

In the meantime, is my current procedure the best available, for now?

It sounds like your DBA is a standalone entity, in which case you should create a separate business for it in Manager. You can have as many as you want. Right now, you cannot aggregate businesses, but that capability has been mentioned for the future. Tracking codes are intended for divisions of a company that keeps and reports its accounts as one entity. One problem is that you cannot effectively separate assets and liabilities via tracking codes.

I should perhaps have used the word “division.” They are legally and financially one entity. However, customers of the DBA would not expect to see the name of the “parent” on company documents, and vice versa.

Yeah, this is the case of having multiple trading names. Custom invoice templates is the way to go however some improvements will need to be done so you can just inject custom HTML code rather than rewriting the whole template from scratch.

That would be a most welcome improvement, taking us back to the good old days before things got so sophisticated the standard sales invoice wasn’t written in HTML anymore. :wink:

Ok, thanks for letting me know that I’m doing it the best way possible, at this time.

Perhaps templates could be CSS, and then apply to all forms (not just invoices)? I would be able to do everything I need to do (and more) with a CSS template that adds an image and some text using the appropriate selectors. I feel like the person wanting some sales order customization in a different thread (takes full page, lines at page break, etc.) would also be able to do so with a CSS template. Just a thought.