Tracking Exception Report - inventory cost

I would like to know why the system is not capturing the tracking code in inventory cost if I use inventory item with Zero Quantity (for cost allocation) , and it will be capturing only if there is quanitiy

Before we can answer your question we need to better understand your process.
For a start, from my understanding, an inventory item can’t have a value on hand if the quantity is zero but your transaction seems to indicate that is the case.

Can you show a screenshot from the Inventory Items tab of one of the inventory items above prior to your above transaction, which I am guessing is a Journal Entry.

we are are allocation all the expenses related to this item in the inventory and then issuing the sales invoice.

the system should capture the cost to the related tracking cost

the attached below Profit and loss account in the inventory cost is not tally with total cost

225498.6=66110.18+103464.42+66 ( the balance of 55858 is not captured by the system )

In your inventory quantity screenshot there are no purchasing quantities or selling quantities, without purchasing quantities Manager can’t calculate COGS which would then include all your other expenses related to that item.

You show a Goods Receipt, but where is the Purchase Invoice (or Cash Purchase) where you are being charged for purchasing that item.

The reason you are having inventory value with no quantities is that you are adding expenses to the inventory item but you have never added any purchasing quantities to that inventory item.

If you add purchasing quantities to the inventory item then those added expenses will automatically get transferred when the Sales Invoice is created, as noted by your comment “it will be capturing only if there is quantity”

thanks for you support

I found that the cost allocation has to be after purchasing inventory and before issuing the sales invoice