Total Salary need to Charge different department

I am using Cloud and windows.
i am starting salary payment through Pay slip module, i want to charge 50% of salary to general Over head exp, 25% selling expenses and rest 25% to factory expenses. process to be applicable to all staff but ratio would be changeable, How can i do it?


You will need to create three separate payslip earnings items. Post each one to a different expense account.

It will be more complicated if i have created 3 earning along with various types of payroll expenses.
is there any alternative?

That’s not a good solution.

Manager already has tracking codes that allows us to allocate profit and loss item to departments.

In this case Tracking code is not possible to use, I am using Tracking code for Project. But salary should be charged under Overhead (OH is a project also) , Selling and factory cost is a sub account under OH.

The only way to post payroll expenses to different accounts is with different payslip earnings items. Posting a portion of salary costs to selling expenses is no different from posting a portion to medical allowance.

And it is easy to set up recurring payslips or to set default content under Form Defaults. So do not think that entering more lines is more work.