Continuing the discussion from Recurring Sales Invoice Headers:

Where did you find the Templates for recurring invoices?

Any templates you have created are under Settings > View Templates. The default has only the standard sales invoice. Once you’ve created additional templates, you can select which one to use on an invoice from a dropdown menu on the invoice creation page.

All - I think you may be talking cross purposes in this thread. These are two different things - Recurring Sales Invoice “Templates” are not “View Templates” but rather where you define recurring invoices. These are under settings. View Templates on the other hand are for modifying “layouts” of printed invoice documents.

Putting them together:

Define a “recurring invoice template” then create/generate an Invoice from it. Print that invoice out in the format defined by a view template.

Hope that helps.

Ah, thanks, @alasdair. :grinning: I did, perhaps, misunderstand the question. Assuming you are correct about @c2sfla’s problem, can’t the sales invoice template still be changed the same way as a normally generated invoice can? (I don’t use any recurring invoices, so I don’t have any experience with that.)

Recurring templates just say who gets billed what how often. They generate regular invoices based on that template. The resulting regular invoices can use view template layouts. There is therefore no layout template used or required for the recurring template itself.