Template PDF export very different from Manager display

I finally got around to upgrading my install of Manager and it broke my old invoice template so I’m working on converting it the new template format and I’ve run into a couple issues.

  1. and most importantly, it looks great in Manager (pic 1) however when I export it to PDF/email it looks… not great (pic 2).
    Is there any reason why this would be happening?

  2. I can’t seem to find a way to format numbers as money and longer. Previously I could do {{ 1000 | money }} to get a nicely formatted number with currency sign ($1,000.00 in my case). Is there a way to format a number like this still?


Looking at the images you attached i think the table size is well beyond the limits. if you are good at coding you will figure it out what went wrong where.

why do you want to do this when you can easily set the currency and number format in Manager

Thanks for the reply Sharp, however…

  1. Not quite sure that’s the case. Even if I set a small fix width on the template the pdf exports exactly the same.
  2. It also doesn’t explain things like:
    1. Yellow underline under the {{ title }} is black in the pdf.
    2. Entire <td> containing the business information is missing.
    3. Column labels are not displaying bold.
    4. All font-size changes are ignored
    5. The field boxes (divs) have a fixed width set (150px) however in the pdf are most definitely not 150px.

I do have the currency and number format set. Manager doesn’t seem to format any of the dollar values like that however.

However it still displays numbers as unformatted:

Manager’s internal PDF generator does not currently support a lot of font attributes. In order to handle the many demands that come with 80+ languages and their various alphabets/ideographs/etc., it uses Google’s Noto font, no matter what you might have used. Likewise, there are some about constraints that may not be necessary for the way you have configured Manager, but are needed for other potential configurations. As a result, it can be problematic getting too wild with document design. Remember, this is an accounting program. And accounting is supposed to be boring.

As for your currency/number format issues, I would try changing your settings then changing back. Perhaps something got mixed up in your update. I just changed a business to CAD and your number format, and this is what it produces:

If the problem persists, post a screen shot or two illustrating the issue.

If Possible then Put your Templates code here Or Message me, I can help, I am not pretty Sure to solve… but can try.

I found using PDF creator is the best way around this issue. It sets up as an additional printer, and its free.

Internal PDF generator doesn’t support full CSS like web-browser does.

You are using some CSS attributes which are unsupported.

Have a look at https://www.manager.io/templates how different templates are done.

If there is some CSS attribute you need to be supported, it can be looked at.

PDF creator is not a good workaround. When batch printing and batch emailing is added, it will rely on internal PDF generator so you really want that to work properly in order to take advantage of future features built on top of that.