Tab order transaction input

When I enter the details in the line in the input screen of any kind of transaction I really would like the tab order to go to the Add line button instead of going to the Total amount field. In this way I don’t need my mouse to create input lines.

An other possibility would be to use short keys (e.g. ctrl/cmd whatever) but I noticed no short keys in the application at all, so the impact of this change would be larger then changing the tab order.

The (Total) amount fields should not be in the tab order because they are read only fields.

Short keys are probably not possible as the browser interface is not standard across the different browsers available.

But, I agree, that having the cursor move to the Add line button would be good

The tab order involves only fields. The Add line button is a command button. Additionally, it has dropdown command options. So you could not tab to the button and hit some key to activate it.

Similarly, all the checkbox options like discount, tax inclusivity, late payment fees, withholding tax, etc. are not included in the tab order. (Extra fields activated by the checkboxes, however, are.)

So is it technically (in the used programming language) possible to add these buttons in the tab order? I’ve used other web based software where buttons were included. That would be of great help!

It’s probably possible, but I don’t know. I’m a forum moderator, not the developer. My point was that there is a deliberate design philosophy, applied consistently throughout the program.