Switched from Cash Account to Bank Account but now

I switched the account my company uses from a cash account to a bank account in the system. But now, nothing shows up on the PL statement from before the switch. I’ve gone back and entered the “cleared” info, and made sure the Tracking Codes are still correct. Everything seems right, but I can’t figure out what I missed. Thanks in advance!


Did you follow the instructions of this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/11727? I just confirmed that the conversion feature still works perfectly almost 2 years after it was introduced. And it works converting in both directions. Specifically, there were no changes to the P&L statement.

I strongly suspect you were doing something else incorrectly, such as possibly having created the account outside the Cash Accounts tab as an ordinary account. If you’ve re-entered information, you may now have a bigger problem after you locate your “missing” data.

Yes, I used the guide. The conversion itself seemed to work fine. The only thing that I’m not sure about, is when I went to do the starting balance. It would only let me pick that day (instead of earlier in the month). Could that be the problem?

Whoa! Now you’ve introduced a completely different topic. Starting balances should only be used once, when you first transition from another accounting system to Manager. If you’ve used Manager for the entire duration of the company’s existence, you should never use them at all. So now you need to explain the situation in much greater detail. But before you do, make sure you have read and understood this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/15718. Then we’ll sort out whether and how starting balances and cash-to-bank account conversion might be related.

Also, what you said about picking a day makes me wonder if your software is out of date. What version number are you using?

I have version 19.6.31.

I’ve only been using Manager for about 2 months. I didn’t do the starting balance until last week.

The business is a NPO so there aren’t a lot of transaction (i.e. if you’re saying it would be best that I start over, it wouldn’t be the end of the world).

No, I am definitely not saying you should start over. I’m just saying you should only use starting balances for their intended purpose. Otherwise, they will completely ruin your accounts. Why did you set one? (And, by the way, if a starting balance was appropriate for a cash account, it would still be appropriate when converting that account to a bank account. And the starting balance would also convert.)

I wasn’t sure if this software was going to do want I needed easily enough, so I didn’t do the beginning balance. Then once I had a consensus from the board members that it would be ok, I added the beginning balance.

What should I do now, if not start over?

You haven’t given enough information to know what your problem is. One thought that occurs to me is that you might have been doing a bunch of experimentation on your actual accounting records as you tried things out. It’s easy to lose track of things as you learn the program. (Even after years as a moderator, with all the test companies I have to work with, I have incomprehensible glitches buried in some of my companies. But I can ignore them, because I use certain test companies only to illustrate and test certain kinds of problems.)

If you’ve really only got 2 months worth of transactions, but have finalized the approach you want to take with your chart of accounts, custom fields, etc., it might actually be more comforting to regard what you’ve entered so far as a test company and start over. That way you would know everything was right. Be sure to consult the Guides along the way.

Otherwise, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time explaining everything you’ve done in detail before people on the forum can help you sort out things you don’t understand. Remember, you see it all in front of you. We know exactly what you’ve told us and no more.

I think the easiest would be to consider this the “test company”. Is it possible to add a new Bank Account (this would be the correct one), and start over that way (re-add the transactions into the new bank account that started with the correct balance, and the delete the transactions from the old account)? Or would I have to start a new company completely (and if so, will I lose all of the custom forms I’ve made)?

Anything can be done. But the more you manipulate things, the less confidence you will have in the outcome. I would start fresh.

I don’t know what you mean by custom forms. Do you mean custom themes? You could copy code from an existing business and paste it into the theme of another. If you mean custom fields, you would need to recreate them. You could also add a backup as a new business and use Batch Delete to strip out all transactions.

Thanks for you help! I really appreciate it!