Support Question

How do you get support for this product I cannot find email or phone numbers for support of any kind.

Primary information is found in the Guides. The Search function works quite well. Secondary information comes on this forum. Use the Search function for it to find answers to tens of thousands of past questions. If you cannot find the answer in either place, start a new topic here. There is no customer support department.

have look and searched all over and nothing about the problem I am having. when I try to use the product to test and see if I would like to buy it is coming up as ransomware in my antivirus.

If you search the forum with the name of your antivirus software, you will most likely find discussions of false positives concerning it. If you don’t find your program, search for antivirus generally and you definitely will see such discussions. At any rate, as long as you download from the official site, you should be fine. Do not download from any third-party software distributors. They are notorious for corrupted and infected software.