Supplier Opening Balance

I try to add opening balance to supplier but system request to add purchase invoice,If i add new purchase invoice it become duplicate purchase Invoice.

How to solve this problem. Because this old Balance :between account payable and supplier. I mean I cant add new purchase invoice.

Why the invoice would become a “duplicate purchase invoice” ?

Because i have to inter any expense account account .

I solved the problem .

In purchase invoice I put in account column Customer Creditors

Do you owe money to supplier as at start date? Enter purchase invoice for that supplier. The sum of all purchase invoices dated before start date will establish opening balance for Accounts payable


If i enter new purchase invoice for the supplier the expanse will become more the last year i closed ,so i cant enter any new purchase invoice because the profit will change
As i told you i enter in purchase invoice in account column supplier creditors same balance in the last year

thanks for your support

Don’t enter the same purchase invoice twice. That’s completely wrong.

I thought you are starting on Manager. If you are running Manager the second financial year, there is nothing you need to do to establish opening balances. Manager will automatically carry forward.

Why did you have an impression you have to set opening balances for new financial year?