Suggestion to Move Inter Accounts transfer to Receipts & Payments

I would like to thank you for the new update
since all the receipts and payment moved into one tab I would like to suggest also moving inter Account Transfer to the same tab to improve and gather all the transactions for cash and cash equivalent in one tab. to implement this please find the below suggestions

  1. changing the name of Receipts & Payments to Cash and Cash equivalent or any other name that group all of the Cash and Cash equivalent into one tab.
  2. Adding new Type Inter Transfer like Payment, Receipt
  3. allowing to system to choose the Cash and Cash equivalent account from the account list

this will help in grouping all cash or bank transaction into one place, have the same auto number serial group. all cash and cash equivalent will be done from one tab. this also will help us to organize all our document into one group not like before for every tab or serial number we have to make separate archive

I hope this suggestion will make the software more efficient in terms of usability

Thank you

This cannot be done, because an inter account transfer involves two transactions in two different accounts. That is why the separate tab was added. Read this Guide: For more information about how they are different, read

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@Tut thanks a lot for the shared links. I will have a look into this :rose: