Style Option for selected business

I realise this is a very low priority, but thought I’d mention it.

When swapping between my dummy business and real business accounts, I thought it would be useful if the Business name title background could be changed to a different colour so that I didn’t accidentally make changes to the live business when I thought I was working on the dummy business.

For those running multiple business accounts, I could image this would be very useful to be able to colour code each business and know at a glance which one you were working on.

Why not put the word “dummy” after the dummy business name or some other distinguishing title by using the Rename feature - that would be much clearer, compared to the user needing to remember which colour belong to which business

The dummy business name is dummy business, but unless you look up at the name, the whole appearance is indistinguishable.

So you need to make sure you consciously check, as the business name is really in your peripheral vision.

If the full width title bar was a different colour, you would not make the mistake of entering transactions on the wrong business.

Just my two cents. I realise it’s a very minor comment. :slight_smile:

Assuming that the user can actually remember which colour was applied to which business.

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