Streamlining the Consolidation of Client Orders for Supplier Fulfillment

Dear Sir,
We currently collect purchase orders from our clients and then consolidate them before sending them to our supplier for fulfillment. I am inquiring if there is a way to centralize and streamline this process, possibly that allows us to gather all client orders in one central location and then consolidate them into a single purchase order for the supplier.

In our current process, we collect client orders on Sundays and then use an Excel spreadsheet and pivot tables to group similar items from different client orders, resulting in a single consolidated list that we forward to our supplier on Wednesdays. We are interested in exploring more efficient and effective solutions for this process.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Can you describe how the customers orders are delivered - are they dropped shipped by the supplier, are they delivered to you and then prepared and dispatched?

We recieve the complete order then devide it as per each client quantity, then deliver it to him
5000 Crizantema - baltica alba
2000 Astromelia rosie
for 10 clients each one gets the quantinity he orderd

Can you show the edit screen for one of the items?

Sorry i didnt get you

Please show the Edit screen for one of the inventory items?
I presume you use Inventory items

You need to read the Inventory Guides - if you use the options Track to Receive and/or Track to Deliver then Manager will keep track of the total number of items to be delivered as you enter the Sales Orders

You can then see the total to be purchased in the Inventory list

I suggest that you setup a small test business to try out these options to see if they are easier to use than using an Excel spreadsheet