Strange behaviour of Server Edition

I got a strange issue with Server Edition. It all off sudden started showing strange businesses in the list:

Under the red one there are the only ones that should appear in the list.

What’s going on?

Try updating. I personally bypassed v20.7.52, but this does not seem to happen in v20.7.53.

These look like previously removed businesses. Those could be left over from your removals, or they could be the result of automatic replacements by update scripts as database structures changed. See if you can match them to contents of the application data folder, including the Trash folder it contains.

I don’t think this would happen all of a sudden.

But the upgrade should move all these deleted businesses to Trash folder within Application Data folder.

List of businesses will show list of files with .manager extension under your Application Data folder.

Everything disappeared except one thrashed business that I have to delete by hand. Btw everything happened after a restart of Manager server, not an upgrade (don’t know if this could be useful).