Stock measurements options in and out

we have in kuwait many items that we may buy from suppliers by kilo gram but when we sale it we may sale it in many other measurements names like
Tola (tola = 12 gram )
or Uqiyyah witch is not same from country to another [Egypt] 37g [Aleppo] 320g [Beirut]: 213.39g
i need to define the measurements when i create new item , also many prices
because when i issue invoice some time i sale same item in ( kilo , tola , ugiyyah , boxes )
please help me and update the system to be able to sale in many kind of measurements .

You will have to create an separate inventory item for each unit of measure
so Item1kg, Item1tola, Item1ugiyyahEgypt, Item1ugiyyahAleppo, etc
Then you can use a Production Order to convert a quantity of Item1kg into Item1tola, another to convert Item1kg to Item1ugiyyahEgypt, etc etc

I suspect that this not a very workable solution - and that in fact there is no workable solution

Can you elaborate a bit more on your business - do you create small packets from bulk purchases, store them and then sell or do you make up the packages as the customer orders come in?

@IPACK_CO, you asked essentially the same question in another thread. Please do not double-post. And please search the forum before asking questions. This one has been addressed dozens of times.