Status for invoices/quotes

I quite like the roadmap feature as it gives us an idea of upcoming features and developments and I am particularly looking forward to the budgeting and warehousing developments.

Would you be able to add onto the roadmap when you are planning to address status of quotes and orders as this is a feature I have been long awaiting for and it would make my paperwork so much easier if converting sales quote to sales order/invoice - it would then mark the existing sales quote as successufl and close the aformentioned sales quote. So I don’t have to remember to manually close the sales quote using the custom status column that I designed.

Would be great to see this on the roadmap. :grinning: If I had to choose only one feature to implement in this program over any possible feature, status of quotes/orders would be my most important feature!

Right now, I only add on roadmap features which I have already visualized in my mind how exactly to implement them.

To be honest, with statuses for invoices/quotes and how they ought to work. There are just too many ways how to implement them. I can only pick one implementation.

Once I add warehousing and job costing, I think I will be able to make up my mind.

I realise that you can only pick one implementation of statuses. I think at the end of the day, what most people want is to be able to close and hide old quotes/orders when converting to an invoice. There are many other variables, but that is the main requirement - so when you open quotes and orders you only ever see current (open) documents. Anyway, I will wait on that. I am looking forward to the warehousing and budgeting features.