Stating cash prepayments on sales invoices

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Bestaat er een mogelijkheid hoe kan aangeven in je factuur dat er een aanbetaling is gedaan door de klant?

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Hi everybody,
Is there a possibility to state on a sales invoice a cash-prepayment made by the customer. I’m looking forward to your reactions.

Thank you for the translation, @Hennie.

Yes. If money has been prepaid as a deposit, it should have been handled as described in this Guide:

Once the deposit has been entered, the next sales invoice you create for that customer will show an amount credited, and the balance due will be reduced. The deposit itself will not be itemized on the sales invoice, only the amount credited, because the purpose of the sales invoice is to make demand for payment for the new goods or services.

If you want to send something to the customer to acknowledge the deposit, send a receipt from the Receive money transaction. You can also generate a Customer Statement under Reports, selecting the Transactions type of report.

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