Starting with New Business

Dear friends, good morning.

My name is Pietro. I am Italian and I live in Moscow.
I didn’t know Manager.IO until yesterday and it is intriguing me so much! It seems a super program … May I please give You some questi in order to understand if I can adapt it to my needs?

I own a Translation Company.
What I need to perform is a process where my supplier are translators (interpreters etc) … ANY of this suppliers needs to be linked with a certain number of Main Parameters: which are, of course, languages.

So, let’s see I have 10 languages … any supplier can work translating:
from language1 to language 3
from language 2 to language 1
et cetera et cetera …

Then I have customers, which need to translate from language 1 to language 2, and I will need to find in my DB a supplier who can do that job.

My question is, can I somehow use some Custom Field to charge a list of 100 languages (for example) and then build Language Pairs to assign to any supplier?

Can I send e-Mails in different languages?
Customer 1 is for instance a Russian customer, Customer 2 can be italian and Customer n can be Arabic … So for Translators. Can I send them Estimations, Invoices and Notifications in their own language?

This is a short description of what I need, really hope I can build this.
Thank You so much for Your help. I go to study the program now!

Have a great day!

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You can add custom fields with as many options as you want (using list type fields). But each custom field would allow only one selection. You could use a paragraph style field to list all the languages a translator knows. You could add many custom fields for individual languages or pairs and enter Yes/No designations.

I really believe, however, it would be easier to do this in a separate spreadsheet rather than your accounting program.

You can write and send emails in any language you want. That depends only on what you type. Manager has no live translation capability. Manager only translates terms defined in the program using a lookup table. To change languages on accounting transactions, you must change (at least temporarily) the entire program. See

Ok. Thank You Tut. I’ll try.
Can eMail template be saved?
So I can have templates like: invoice_ITA, invoice_ENG etc; estimation_RUS etc etc?
Thanks Again.

You can only have one template per transaction type. Your best option would be to save PDFs and attach them to emails in your regular email program.

Ok. Thank You