Starting Balances - request for feature upgrade

I’m presently setting up 4 new Companies in Manager. (Or rather moving over 4 existing companies into Manager.) When doing so, I obviously need to enter my starting balances in the various Balance Sheet accounts I need to use.

This prompted me to propose a minor feature upgrade;

  • I have noted that each Starting Balance is stored in a similar way like a normal transaction in the system. I thus suggest that it should be possible to add some “descriptive notes” for this Balance. Presently you can only add a total balance and there is no way to actually describe what this consist of. If you need to review things at a later date, you need to go back to whatever other system or manual records you may have.

  • A great feature would be to be able to include the “Attachment” feature for each “Starting Balance”. You can then easily attache whatever report from a previous accounting system (or manual record) that you may have that describe this balance.


Can I suggest that from your previous system, print off the final balance sheet and attach to it a reconciliation of each account explaining the reason behind the make up of the balance.

If these document - balance sheet & reconciliation - are saved in a suitable format then they can be included within the Attachments feature

That’s exactly why it would be excellent to have the “Attachement” button available for each “Starting balance” transaction entry…!