Starting balances appearing as duplicates following update


We just updated from 18.7.80 to 18.8.53.

We started using Manager from the 1st of July and set up our accounts with starting balances as of that date, and everything has balanced just fine up until now.

As of this update, the starting balances for all accounts are now listed twice in the account transaction history, with a “pending balance” on each account equal to the starting balance.

These starting balance amounts are now also showing up in the bank account summary list as “pending deposits”, such that the statement balance is correct (as there are no other pending deposits), but the actual balance is inflated by the starting balance amount.

We changed nothing other than upgrading our version, and the problem is happening across all accounts (that had a non-zero starting balance anyway).

Do you know what’s causing this and what we can do to get our accounts to be correct?

Thank you,


I am facing the same issue. After the upgrade to 18.8.53 today, my starting cash balances are duplicated under “Pending Deposits”.

Agreed. I can see this, too. It is definitely a bug.

Should be fixed in the latest version (18.8.54)


Looks like it is fixed in all my test companies.

Yep, it’s all working correctly again in the latest version (18.8.58).

Thank you!