Spend Money doesnt show Cash at Bank option

I created a Cash Account as I can’t seem to choose Cash at Bank. I want to use the Cash at Bank and NOT Cash on Hand account. But when I first Spend Money in the Cash Acct, I can only select Cash on Hand. Later I am able to edit it to Cash at Bank. Is there a way to do spend money direct from Cash at Bank?

Cash on Hand and Cash at Bank were combined into a single Cash Accounts tab long ago. Now, when creating or editing a cash account you can check a box:

You should check this box whenever the cash account is a bank account, credit card, PayPal, or any other form of account besides petty cash. Once you have categorized accounts this way, they will appear under the Cash at Bank or Cash on Hand group headings in the account selection dropdown list. (If there are no accounts of a particular type, that group heading will not appear.)