Specific article for a specific customer

how to line up a specific article for a specific customer

Can you please provide more information on what you are actually trying to do.

  • Attach a document to a transaction

  • Record serial number of goods supplied to a customer

  • Manufacture a custom product for one of your customers

And what have you tried so far in Manger?

Manufacture a custom product for one of your customers

Providing this customer id will only show two product marked yellow, others will not do or the rest cannot be invoice.

this is currently not possible in Manager. you cannot link specific inventory items to particular customers.

Since after-sales profits are paid differently to different customer, so if we were able to get specific for the supplier in the purchase and the customer in the sales aria, we would greatly benefit. hopefully the manager will be aware of the issue in the next update

Manufacture of one product unit for one customer would normally be done via one invoice.
Is that really what you are describing?

More information please.
Do you have a couple of products or thousands of products
Do you have a couple of customers or thousands of customers
When you say you make a specific product for a customer is this a one off production run or will you make many thousand over time.

How to best handle your processes in Manager will depend on what you are actually trying to capture.

Development priorities I believe are at the discretion of the developer and I have very rarely seen them announced prior to feature release.

This sort of limitation is very unlikely to be implemented. It would mean the customer could never buy anything else in your inventory.

What do you mean by this? Profits are not paid to customers at all. If you are referring to pricing policies, in which you add different margins for different customers, this can already be handled by setting of purchase and sales prices for the inventory items. If you only sell an inventory item to a single customer, you will have determined the profit margin applicable to those sales.