Sorting in Reports

Hello. I am using the server version of manager io. It good we have a command to sort Alphabetically or Using Accounting codes. Eg in reports like Inventory summaries, Account receivable reports, payables even the Balance sheet.

Reports are sorted differently depending on their content and purpose. Reports related to your chart of accounts are sorted according to how you have set up your chart of accounts. In the Settings tab, you can organize the chart of accounts in any order you want. You can also choose whether to display account codes or not. But you cannot change the order of accounts without modifying the chart of accounts.

Inventory reports are sorted by account codes if you use them. Otherwise, they are sorted alphabetically by item name. So you do have control over this.

It is not clear what you mean by “Account receivable reports.” The Aged Receivables report is sort first by currency, then by total amount receivable. Account codes and customer names are not considered.

Customer Summary reports are sorted first by currency, then alphabetically.

In both cases, switching the sort algorithm would interfere with the purpose of the reports.

Here again, it is not clear what you are referring to. But the same comments made with regard to accounts receivable apply.

See my first reply above.

What i mean by account receivable reports i mean reports relating to account receivable like customers summary, Aged Receivables etc if there was a way to add like multiple soft criteria eg i might one to produce a customers summary with the names of the customers from A to Z why Mr B might want it from Highest Debt value to lowest.

I First this when i was preparing and inventory report to control with my physical inventory the job was difficult because we i count one item i have to look through the list with if it was Alphabetical it would have been easier to find items from the list. I have over 700 inventory items.

@NCHIA1, Aged Payable and Aged Receivables Reports already have the options for Name&Amount

@Shan thanks i did not notice what about other reports especial inventory quantity reports it is good we have this feature of sorting it by name too

I already answered this question above, @NCHIA1.