Sorting by date in invoice template


Incredible piece of software. I’m wondering how to sort items in an invoice by date please?


Not sure what you mean by that? Invoice items don’t contain date so not sure what exactly you want to sort.


Thanks for the reply. I use the billable time and disbursements and my line items in an invoice have a date, but I understand that it is just part of a text string (item.description). Essentially I was wondering if there is any lower level access to the “line” item in a template. ie - the ability to split, etc and what is available in terms of control flow (if, for, while, etc) . I’d also love to know what is actually we have access to within the templating API.

Thanks for the great piece of software, it’s given me a new understanding of accounting practices.


OK I get it. The latest version (15.1.87) will sort billable time and disbursements by date when generating new invoice.

The list of all variables available in invoice template will be available soon. The reason why I haven’t done it yet is because I want to have this list automatically generated rather than manually updated. So this is what I’m working on currently.


Fantastic! Thanks very much.