SMTP issues sending email


I have tried everything to get my email working with no luck

I am the desktop version
Mac operating system
Using gmail
If I try and access 2 step verification page which I believe I must have but I get this page

Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 3.03.52 pm

I just keep going around in circles

P.S I have google workplace

I think, you aren’t an admin for your GMAIL workplace account.

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I am having anxiety issues here…lol…I am in the workspace help section and ist wayyyy too complicated for this gal. Should I be in SMTP relay service area?

Google settings is a huge jumbled mess, I guess most people get lost. I know I do from time to time.

Anyway, you need to access the main “admin” account (or contact the admin and have them do it for you) and then enable users to set up their own accounts.

It really is a huge jumbled mess. I am the owner of the account and only user

Then I suggest you contact google or check their forums because it seems like something related to that specific google account.

But, as a workaround, what I would do is to create another email and use that until I figure out what went wrong with the first email.

Thats a good idea
Thank You

Thank You so much, I used a different address and it worked