Show Tax Deducted At Source (Withholding Tax) on Invoice in Statements

When withholding tax is activated on purchase invoice, the account is automatically created and the final payable amount appears in the supplier’s statement. I think that is a short cut and not good. I suggest when the withholding tax is activated on purchase invoice, the supplier’s statement of transactions should contain both the invoice details and the tax withheld on that invoice should also appear. This will make the statement very easy to understand. So anybody who takes the supplier’s transaction statement who know how much was supplied and how much have been withheld as tax. needs to consider this. Thank you.

I agree, added to Ideas.

Showing the Withholding Tax deducted in a third column on the “Transactions Statement” would really help.
The invoice total will be reported instead of the net of tax withheld amounts.

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Manager must consider this as very important. It makes the statement very clear to explain to suppliers

This is a fantastic presentation. Love the way information is presented here.

The current presentation where Manager inserts a new row for withholding tax adds to clutter and clients find it difficult to reconcile.