Should Purchase Orders disappear when converted to Purchase Invoices?

  1. I prepare a Purchase Order and send it off
  2. The goods arrive and I get an Invoice
  3. I create an Invoice from the Purchase Order and I ‘Spend Money’ on it.
  4. Should that Purchase Order still be there, or should it have vanished now it has become a Purchase Invoice?

I think you have the same idea as I have; we’ve probably used the same software in the past, as a PO is just a deletable transaction, until it has been “Received”, at which point it isn’t deletable anymore. However, in Manager, a PO can be deleted after Purchase Invoice has been created.

I guess this could be eventually implemented but first I’m going to add concept of statuses. Perhaps that would be better approach than outright deleting purchase order.

So in answer to my question, as the software is designed at the moment, should the PO disappear or not?


Thanks. It isn’t disappearing and I wondered whether it should. I just wanted to check I was doing things right.