Is Manager integrated with shoeboxed? or is it possible in future editions?

What is Shoebox

Shoeboxed is a place where you can send your receipts (or you can do this yourself) and they scan them for you, send them back and everything is then online in a cloud I guess. Visit their website for more info. It looks like a good service that I am thinking about, but before I invest in it was just wondering if it was integratable with Manager. It is with other applications such as Xero, and QB. So for example you send them your receipts, they scan them and you can then import those transactions to Manager - which would save on inputting a lot, especially if you have a lot of receipts/check stubs.

Sorry, we don’t have integration with Shoeboxed.

Thank you - Any plans for the future?

I don’t think Shoeboxed has any API which means they would have to implement such integration (like they did for Xero or QBO). Not us. Better ask them if they have any plans to support Manager.

ok, thank you - i will do :slight_smile: